COGENT SAFELINE ENGINNERS is a leading organization working in the field of Fire
& Safety Protection Equipment’s since decades.


Fire Extinguishers

1.ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguishers - (1Kg to 75 Kg)

2.MAP Powder Type Fire Extinguishers- (1Kg to 75 Kg)

3.CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers - ( 2kg, 3kg, 4.5kg, 6.5kg, 22.5kg)


Fire Suppression Systems

Offices, server rooms, data centers… any area where heavy-duty electronics, computers, etc, are stored tend to be prone to fireNot only does the presence of electricity, equipment, wiring and complicated circuitry leave the area to fire, an overload or system shutdown could cause an energyimbalance that results in a sudden blaze. Malfunctioning wiring or devices could emit sparks, which can start a fire. This gas-based extinguishing agent ensures that the fire is put out without causing any collateral damage to the premises, expensive equipment and the Earth.


Fire Alarm Systems

On the sensor, In response to such an occurrence, a maintenance event is generated, indicating sensor problems. This self-diagnostic capability significantly enhances detector reliability. The Smoke Detectors detect even the tiniest trace of smoke and alert the Control Panel.


Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Once oil and fat reach a certain temperature, they release gases that burn at a lower temperature than the flames. In just seconds, this can turn into a fire situation.

Fights class A, B, F fires & ESF,

Multiple Triggers, Highly Effective


Minimal Downtime

Highly Flexible & Highly Reliable


CCTV Surveillance

Devising a comprehensive security solution for medium to large-scale commercial, educational and residential complexes can pose numerous logistical challenges. You would need a large number of security guards to cover the area adequately and even that doesn’t guarantee safety. While CCTV systems can ensure ample coverage, the solution has its drawbacks

CCTV systems require extensive wiring, which can both interfere with the area’s aesthetics and prove prohibitively expensive in larger premises.